Misleading buildings

This holiday vacation I am traveling through Buenos Aires with my family. I noticed the great variety within the city's architecture, and desired to make a quick poem based on such. Enjoy!

A Kerouac crisis

I am no writer seeking to enlighten you on the correct path of life. I do not go to church every weekend, nor do I pray every night, even though I am a Christian. Therefore, do not expect my writings to casually quote biblical passages, nor to be that spiritual scripture that will everlastingly encourage … Continue reading A Kerouac crisis

The Revolution of The Symphony

Beethoven’s symphony number 5 in C minor is eclipsed by the new Symphony number 30 composed by an anonymous musician. Symphony 30 is a pure phonetic paradise amid a world whose instrumental compositions are eventually mimicking the most urban crashes of modern civilization. Symphony 30 diverged from the emblematic methodical practices of music, written in … Continue reading The Revolution of The Symphony

Motivation and Self-achievement in youngsters like me

At the moment, I currently find myself filling a second-rate study guide for my Civics class. Question-made statements with a lack of critical thinking are what bore me the most. Although I must admit my classmates are grateful and delighted with these robotic questions in which they can quickly provide mechanical answers to. These answers … Continue reading Motivation and Self-achievement in youngsters like me