Reasoning behind my blog

I had recently deleted all of my blog’s posts given to some personal issues I am currently disregarding. Nevertheless, I had indeed been proud of all of my publications, and it was absolutely ridiculous, coming out of my part, to delete all of my posts due to an issue whose effects were not worthy of my response. I may sometimes react drastically to minuscule problems, and I recognize it. Now that that’s settled, I will proceed with my blog however I once started it, I will re-post all of my publications immediately, and ignore whatever occurred.

Hello! And welcome to this unconventional blog. This is the typical “first blog post,” in which I explain the reasoning behind the creation of my personal detachment site. I started this blog as a way to expose my writings to open-minded people, and not those that live in my society. I had recently began writing again, something that I used to devote most of my time when I was younger, yet, as I grew as an older, less-wiser human being, I stopped. Writing is to me one of the few forms of expression that can cross through the barriers of time, hence it is absolutely magnificent to conceive that a part of my ideals can be timeless.

When I started expressing my thoughts in words, I used to write them in a folder on my computer titled “Writings.” However, I felt a desire to demonstrate my passages to people in order to see whether they could relate to them. This lead to the creation of I hope you enjoy my three or four times-a-week pieces, and can appreciate them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

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