Perceptions of a one-view reality

Is it perhaps that my actions are so far-fetched with what my brain assimilates? Is it maybe that there is a lack of coherent translation from what I am mentally viewing to what I physically am? How come a mind who thinks far beyond what a mortal can, be stuck with mortal actions and mortal commonplaces? I am no Earth to this life-less universe, but behind every earthly flower there’s an undergrowth that can, in many cases, nurture more than necessary without even willfully attempting to do so. In addition, there were once a group of children who tracked about observantly through a field of flowers, – subtle Dutch tulips, may I say so- they peevishly snatched some that beset on their way. One child noticed an average-looking tulip and gripped on its stem, attempting to pull it out of its haven, he noticed the might behind the flower’s unseen branches. Its inner strength lead to the walkaway of the child, and to the ironic victory of a life in a field, rather than on unforgotten vases.

For the world is composed of two versions of reality, one that is shared by all beings, and one that is distinct to every. The shared reality is the one in which every corporeal organism has a certain role, while the distinct one is the unspoken of. Within our shared reality every human, as sociable creatures, do with their life as they please, in relation to their role in the world and in society. Nonetheless, within our distinct reality, we are not humans, we are one invisible, active and living black hole. This black hole is referred to as such, not because it is vast, on the contrary, but because its thoughts are so fulfilled with color, the amalgamation of them has made it like so. This black hole is not tangible, (although some would refer to it as the brain) it is something deeper than that. This black hole compresses not just your movement mechanisms and the neurons travelling information throughout your organism, but a contrast with your actions and your mind; it truly compromises something magnificently beautiful, called, your real persona. In marvelous ways, your real persona is unpredictable and only relevant to yourself. And although this reality of the world impulses the other spoken one to its existence, it is not an accurate representation of our other half-dimension, due to several reasons only particularly known by each individual. Only transparent humans are those whose black holes appear almost visible, these whom are rare species of our kind.

I am not transparent, to say the least, nor am I Ted Kaczynski. I am attempting to balance my feelings with the level of conveyance I provide to them in my bodily identity. Perhaps it is not my emotions that I am trying to convey, as I tend to be very direct, it is my knowledge. My mind is a race runner that overthinks every situation, and perhaps associates one too easily with another in a way that it may seem befuddling. As a result, my rhetoric. Therefore, I must admit my black hole is darker in comparison with other “ignorant-of-appearance” human beings, and those that have not had the chance to expand the colors inside their mind. Still, I am no Einstein. Mathematical abilities do not come to me as oxygen, nor do many other thinking requisites. But I indeed consider my biased intelligence eligible for it to be recognized as above average, and I am sorry, for it may sound arrogant, but I do not tend to be, nor am I such. I have never baptized myself as an intellectual, and I am never planning on doing so, I do not even consider myself a person qualified for such a high-branding. It just rages me how a peasant calls himself a king and for this simple say and its echo he becomes one. Is this the reason for my underestimation? Due to the fact that I do not desire to be a common citizen adapting the behavior of a modern day, insincere, low-class politician on a speech? Due to the fact that my two realities do not communicate correctly I am brainless?

My inner reality is filled with arguments, feelings and philosophies that I may not know how to come across, or that I may choose not to display on my physical reality. Only a worthy psychologist has the expertise of somehow interpreting the other dimension of a person, (where its knowledge lies) and not completely. Thus, no human is able of branding another one, as it is not capable of roaming into its black holes. No literal black hole is suitable for travelling. Therefore, given that my mind is not, and never will be visible to you, I ban you from referring to me as an IDIOT, as I am NOT.



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