Life’s relative essential questions

  • If most individuals are prone to disregard their successes, and rather focus on the unachieved, then how can one accomplish a life of self-fulfillment?
  • What is it of human nature that causes most individuals to overweigh a person’s physicality over morality?
  • Why does a person’s conveyance of confidence enrage individuals more than a person’s conveyance of self-hatred?
  • Who resembles the true epitome of morale?
  • Is living in society the natural state of humanity, or rather is it living in isolation, given that a human’s less corrupted self surfaces when secluded?
  • Can one choose love over dominance?
  • Does one ever get to be their authentic self?
  • When and how can a mind be considered normal? If a person’s insanity creates a parallel reality within his or her mind in which acting insane appears ordinary, then isn’t the term normality relative to the mind of each individual?
  • What prevents humanity from being loyal to their genuine self?
  • Why does one choose to work towards society’s standards of happiness rather than our own if attaining personal happiness is the most vital reality one seeks to achieve and live by?
  • What is a life with no principle?
  • When can the actions we do to obtain happiness exceed the borderline of egocentricity? To what extent can we be driven by our desires?
  • When did personal success compromise other’s failures?
  • Is it possible for humanity to be driven by love, rather than by the idea of success and economic stability?

The most astounding element behind these group of questions lie in their ambiguity. The answers to these may vary depending on the judgement and philosophies you live by, and so may the relevance of the questions themselves. In a way, the independence of thought in which the world is composed can make us generate thousands of responses to just one of these queries. Therefore, to what extent can our opinions be validated?

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