Let’s escape to the lake

Let’s escape to the lake

And be mellow together

The water hugging my angers

Clasping them

To complete evaporation.

I yearn to breathe the green

-The purest of all colors-

enjoy genuine serenity

in a sea of immortality

through which there exists no distinction

from me and the earth

as we collapsed into one.

In a valley that gradually rises

Gentle to its waters

With birds that look down

In admiration from the skies

To see a land untouched

One of the few from afar.

Whose elements converse

In the midst of all seasons

In the setting of all suns

‘till the rising of all wars.

– – –

It’s time to go back

To the black of my disparities

Where the sky meets no earth;

my identity returns.

But Somehow again

When I can manage no more

We’ll escape to the lake

And stay there evermore

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