Two-sided Evie

My insisting was null to both of the evie’s ears. A situation had again caused discourse between the two girls, who relentlessly defended their personal philosophies and never ceased to accord. The worst part of their argumentation was that it compromised my own ideals, for every debate had its closure in me seemingly agreeing to one of them, though not entirely; as if I was their personal Pontius Pilate.

Currently, I found myself at work on my station in the Bank. Beside me, Maritza was preforming a deposit for a client, she leaned into me and whispered, “Evie, here comes another one, please assist him, I am busy at the moment as you can see.”

“No problem,” I responded, raising my hands and proceeding to raise my voice towards a young man at the end of the line, “excuse me sir, how may I help you?” Meanwhile, the girls were having one of their most quintessential conversations:

“Evie, tell evie 2 one should never take anything if such had not been a product of one’s hard work,” claimed evie 1.

“But still Evie, tell evie 1 that there are exceptions. What if an individual has an enormous debt to pay, and his or her husband or wife had always wanted that new shirt at Saks?” evie 2 would respond in an unhesitant manner.

Accustomed to their usual arguments I shook my head and glared back into the client’s eyes, who seemed to want to make a deposit into his bank account. After conversing with the faceless individual over currency, the evies continued with their chatting extravaganza.

“evie 2 stop talking! One should never do that!”

“No one will notice. In life one must make sacrifices in order to achieve. The twenty-first’s century definition of success is based on obtainment rather than work ethic; the more you have, the more successful you have been. If you do not want to be successful, then go fetch for ambition.” evie 2 declared in her usual pervasive voice, which was a product of her selfish need to make things her way.

“Mother said whomever committed such actions would be dishonored. And if success is merely perceived as the outcome of chances that arose from ostentations, then there is no need in reaching this relative vision of twenty-first century success.”

“One has to adjust to the times evie 1! Humanity is the hare and morale has been the turtle since the creation of mankind! By avoiding the adaptation of customs, we are not doing any good to ourselves nor to the modernization of the world.” evie 2 cried into thin air, attempting to echo her statements.

“Who says sin has become a custom, and immorality a character of modernization?! evie 2, if you are basing your previous conclusions on humanity by what the media says, you are agreeing then that what is portrayed in the media is an accurate representation of society as a whole. Nevertheless, media’s depictions of people are not a sample for the characterization of the common individuals-”

Enough evies! I shook my head, and stared into my surroundings. The crescendo of their voices were my ultimatum; I had to make a decision.

The client had just left. My palms produced sweat. My fingers caressed the inside of my hands while my feet trembled in the inside of my desk. I then grabbed the pencil beside me and began to scratch my head with it unpleasantly. Gazing at the pile of currency in my hands, I opened the safe and stacked the money inside. I breathed heavily, closed the safe silently behind my desk, and turned around. Before completely looking straightforward I grabbed my purse and fixed 455 dollars into my wallet. That will do for my rent, thanks evie 2.

I sighed in relief.

But, wait a minute, I had forgotten about Maritza! Had she seen me? Was I too crude in the scene? Had I to be subtler? I turned my eyes towards her, she had just shaken her head, and was staring at a pile of money in her hands…



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