Our taste buds are fond of blood

A substance


Overall catalyst

Of humanity’s deterioration


In which we crave upon the

Need to see other’s pain

For that is what we enjoy


In a holistic approach,

to mankind’s diet

We cannot fulfill ourselves

From mere vegetables or fruits

We need blood-based products

That destroy to complete:


One hurts

We seek for vengeance

The other hurts

They seek for vengeance:

It is a cycle that causes us

To kill,

To constantly hunt,

In order to be fulfilled


But not only do we seek for flesh.

But also we enjoy observing it

Getting ragged, and ripped

Out of an individual

Not to literally feed our mouths of it

But our minds as well

In a form of sadistic thrill-pursuing entertainment.


Flesh is what we need,

And blood is our philosophy.

Our minds are white sharks

Tackling the ocean waters

In the infinite search

For the red.


And again

He hurt her

To seek for vengeance

She responded

With the same motive.

To feel fulfilled

To deteriorate

In order to rebuild.


Let that rebuilding be



Or Entertainment-based

Our identities as carnivores

Have we well embraced.








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