Despised by the shells

Despised by the shells

In which they exemplify themselves;

How they pretend their core

Is what others can see

How they dance to the rhythm

Of a fictitious melody

That does not cohere with their sound:

The utter representation of their

Underlying self.


Despised by their liaison

To all that is superficial

For in their world

That epitomes greatness

In material things

They perceive the artificial

as though divinity


Despised by their lack of morality

In matters of currency

Were circulation plays a major role

Whereas integrity and self-respect

Become unused coal


Despised by their simplistic lifestyle

Regarding knowledge and wisdom.

For their minds are composed by membranes

That cease the passing of cultural realization

And only permit the absorbance

Of irrelevant conceptions


Despised by their evasion

Of minimalism

Were such is associated with inferiority

One is reluctant to live in authenticity.


I still contemplate my surroundings

In mere sorrow

Whilst I attempt to stay uncorrupt

For I find myself laying

In a labyrinth of shallowness

Where I am both a victim

And a contributor.

Where losing my shell has become a meager illusion

 Where I can only remain genuine, in complete seclusion.

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