Overflow of ideas

Ideas overflow

A saturation of letters descending

From my brain to my hands

As I told the story about Tom.

He singed while strolling solemnly

Through the dispersing daisies that

Waltzed when wandering in the wind.


My fingers were unstoppable.

Tom was in front of me,

talking to me.

Potently pondering on his stories

One after the other,

As I attentively listened to them

Transforming everything to letters.

Tom grabbed pictures by the back of his pockets

About his occasional journeys,

Unfiltered thoughts,

And candid actions,

while I transformed this melting pot of events

into one piece of literature text.


A knock on the door.

I glanced away from the paper.

Into the door

Opened it

Looked back again,

Tom had disappeared…


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