Baring the positive truths about isolation

The word isolation has various connotations to it. While for some it merely represents the state of being alone, for others it signifies a circumstance of complete frightfulness. For me, on the other hand, isolation epitomizes the reconcilement of my body-self with my mind. It is a cure for the sanity of one’s consciousness; it is what allows us to remain loyal to our persona; it is what bares are social façade to expose our mental one; it is substantially a medicine that permits us to feel comfortable around the company of a being no other than ourselves. Overall, not only does isolation purposes multiple benefits in respect to the rationality of humans, but also it is a complex term that has been utterly misunderstood during the last decades.

Ongoing technology has created a need to “stay connected,” ultimately causing the term isolation to appear as a distant reality. Essentially, when one loses touch of something, it is not only more challenging to recuperate, but also to grasp. We are unarguably the most social species on the planet, and our evolution only involves an increase in sociability, were such is nurtured and motivated, whereas seclusion and its importance are not. For we, as a society, foster the need for conviviality as means for coexistence to such a great extent, that we forget to stimulate solitude and the benefits it produces for the sanity of the human spirit. Some of the benefits of seclusion involve the incorruption of one’s morals and ethics. As individuals, we are so often flooded by the indirect influence others exert on us, that we corrupt our morals and ideals to adjust to others’. Privacy functions as a therapy were our morals and our ethics reunite and once again mesh to our physical self, for there is no other creature to corrupt them. Another positive outcome of solitude lays in its ability to stimulate critical thinking and the creation of thoughts. We are daily being bombarded by other’s perception on certain topics, -either in the media or in direct dialogue- and to a degree we unconsciously mold our thoughts to those of others, forgetting what are viewpoints truly are. Isolation gives us the opportunity to create thoughts for ourselves rather than basing the creation of our thoughts amidst others standpoints.

In addition to its benefits, isolation is a complex term whose name is not loyal to its definition. Given one’s continuing need to be aware of others and stay attached to them, we forget our existence as a complete human entity. We are thinkers, intellectuals at our own delineation, active souls, spirits that have been granted a bodily physique, and so much more. The emerging technology, and the increase in population density worldwide have been the major cause for individuals to become unacquainted with themselves, and for them to see their body as a complete different unit. Though we are alone by definition, because our body only corresponds to itself in a determined space when we are in separation from society, our mind is still an active force that has multiple thoughts exploding in one same brain. These thoughts altogether comprise our existence. They are a conjunction of ideas that complement one another and have the ability to hug and secure us when in isolation. In other words, although some may believe that in seclusion we are on our own, we have the comfortability of being with ourselves –and the most genuine version of it.

In general, isolation has become a negative term by social constraint, when in fact it is not, for isolation itself stimulates loyalty to one’s persona. It is a term almost disregarded by current reality since it is scarcely practiced. Nevertheless, solitude is perhaps the most important cure to rationality. We must never distance ourselves from who we truly are, for we’ll lose our identity. Therefore isolation, rather than a state, should also be regarded as a tool and as an instrument used to reunite the components of a human being in body and soul.

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