The innocence of youth

I saw two boys holding hands yesterday

Strolling up the school stairs

Consumed by the youth

That surrounds them


Their eyes: propelled by the light of day

Their feet dancing to the palpitations

Of their swaying hands

Humming to the gentle melodies

unknown by the corrupted


after going up the stairs

their hands were still holding

waltzing back-and-forward

as I heard them talk about

a girl in their class

an upcoming play date

and other activities


Following the day

I saw two adolescents

Being forced to hold hands

To perform an endeavor

In their physical education class


Their hesitation was unending

As they attempted to hold hands

But failed in every attempt

For, of course,

They were embodied with the

Abomination that comes in holding

The hands of a person of your same sex!


What filthiness!

How atrocious!

To hold hands? What indecency!


I grieve for the lack of mortality

That lies in the immaculacy of innocence


I grieve for the corrupted

The shameful and perverted

Those who follow patterns

To avoid madness


I grieve for the world

Disbursed in stupidities.

And I cherish those

Who embrace their wickedness

Who keep their little idiosyncrasies…

Those that originated in their youth



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