Dear letters

Dear letters,

I plead your forgiveness.

I had become a robot

of duties and endeavors: an academic philistine who had forgotten about your beauty.

Allow me not to feel estranged by you,

but embraced by your power of conception.

Mind you,

you were never forgotten,

you were just sometimes overlooked.


Despair knocked on my door last week,

cried for me to visit you,

but trust me,

I had you in mind before.


It can be a challenge to take the journey,

especially when I always do it accompanied by pain and melancholy.

However, despair, pain, and melancholy will do no more convincing;

I will visit you on my own.

Without them the ideas will have a rougher path to your home,

but it will just take time for them to learn the maze.

I promise to value you more often than I’ve bared,

to not take you for granted, and to visit you more constantly.


You are my most loyal friend and my longest companion.

I apologize dear fellow,

for I know you long cried for my appearance.

But here I am!

I have passed through loss, love, and bliss.

What better way to approach you having overcome so much?

Our relationship will be less dependent.

I am stronger and braver.

Trust me, I am.

I will come to you corrupted,

a corruption that spits my thoughts into your reality.


Oh, how had I forgotten about your splendor:

your reduction of realities in the most meaningful attempts.

But I have now remembered you,

and here I am pleading your forgiveness.

And by apologizing for my obliviousness

I tell you… I have everlastingly arrived.


In appreciation,

A recently averted absent-minded.

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