L’art pour l’art

A rendition to Immanuel Kant's views on art as established in the early nineteenth century, including a mesh of his views with my own on how art can be corrupted throughout the twenty-first century as well. Enjoy.



His voice had forsaken His speechless mouth Destined for greatness But inclined to the incompetent Soul of his attitude   Your majesty’s greatest honor Was rather his mind In times of battle Eras of built confrontations Deaths of arduous nations And feasts of the uniformed men’s blood   An empire beheld him, All who longed … Continue reading Bertie

To reach

With eyes that gazed At the reachable circumstances Yet unreachable for I have made them I lurked And lurked Expecting life’s arrival Until I lurked no more For the luxury of passing-time Is one that cannot be salvaged.   Had I learned not to lurk --But to reach-- At my lovers Without fear of being … Continue reading To reach

To fly

In the flock of birds, I was an eagle, and while they learned to fly, I was meandering the skies   I grabbed their premature wings and Dispersed their feathers in hope of enlightening them to their ultimate goal But still They cried in fear I was a wicked beast to their eyes. A sorceress … Continue reading To fly