The letter

With almost a flat open I still could not see The words in the letter Bestowed upon me   Seldom had I yearned to be At the peak of staggering mountains For I often found myself In hollow valleys Of dry, echoing lands   An invisible thirst to cherish And be cherished: The bastard hidden … Continue reading The letter

The innocence of youth

I saw two boys holding hands yesterday Strolling up the school stairs Consumed by the youth That surrounds them   Their eyes: propelled by the light of day Their feet dancing to the palpitations Of their swaying hands Humming to the gentle melodies unknown by the corrupted   after going up the stairs their hands … Continue reading The innocence of youth


Please enjoy this short story about an individual's motivation to embark on a quest for freedom. In addition, due to the fact that I do not write short stories very often, I must admit that the piece may have some errors, so please do not judge.