Hello! Dominican Republic

A critique towards the most materialistic magazine in the underdeveloped country that I live in, The Dominican Republic.

The innocence of youth

I saw two boys holding hands yesterday Strolling up the school stairs Consumed by the youth That surrounds them   Their eyes: propelled by the light of day Their feet dancing to the palpitations Of their swaying hands Humming to the gentle melodies unknown by the corrupted   after going up the stairs their hands … Continue reading The innocence of youth

Michael P: The undeniable truth about those that are untouchables

Strolling along the side walk at 4pm was part of his unscripted daily schedule, if he ever had one. Michael P. was good at socializing, quick-learner as well. A tarot reader once told him he would live a long life, even though he never believed in the uncertainty of superstition. His charcoal wavy hair distraught … Continue reading Michael P: The undeniable truth about those that are untouchables

How can we truly distrust the system?

“Where ignorance is our master, there is no possibility of real peace.” – Dalai Lama The definition of ignorance, according to the Merriam Webster Dictionary is: Resulting from, or lack of knowledge or intelligence. Nonetheless, in accordance to society, ignorance is much less empathetic. Ignorance results in the state of having disinterest for the acquisition … Continue reading How can we truly distrust the system?

The Revolution of The Symphony

Beethoven’s symphony number 5 in C minor is eclipsed by the new Symphony number 30 composed by an anonymous musician. Symphony 30 is a pure phonetic paradise amid a world whose instrumental compositions are eventually mimicking the most urban crashes of modern civilization. Symphony 30 diverged from the emblematic methodical practices of music, written in … Continue reading The Revolution of The Symphony

Motivation and Self-achievement in youngsters like me

At the moment, I currently find myself filling a second-rate study guide for my Civics class. Question-made statements with a lack of critical thinking are what bore me the most. Although I must admit my classmates are grateful and delighted with these robotic questions in which they can quickly provide mechanical answers to. These answers … Continue reading Motivation and Self-achievement in youngsters like me