I bult a fort

I built a fort around myself In the vast lands of unimaginable sharing  I enclosed myself in the ruse of my own being; But not because of misery; Be fooled not. I built a fort upon myself Not for protection But for the inconceivable lack Of walls. Be fooled not; However The fort does not … Continue reading I bult a fort


The Metamorphosis – an adaptation

Please enjoy this version of Franz Kafka's "The Metamorphosis." Though this short story-whose plot is very different from the original- is incomparable to Kafka's version, I hope the message still comes across in a different, lighter manner.


Please enjoy this short story about an individual's motivation to embark on a quest for freedom. In addition, due to the fact that I do not write short stories very often, I must admit that the piece may have some errors, so please do not judge.